Education is the main engine of social mobility in Chile and in the world, delivering technical or professional tools to young people is possible to increase the chances of having a better future for them and their families. However, hard knowledge is not enough to face the challenges presented by the world today. For this reason, at Fundación Metas we created a sequence of soft skills workshops so that scholarship recipients can develop cross-cutting skills for life and work. For this, we made an alliance with Fundación Portas, an organization with vast experience in this area.

Thus, in 2017 our scholarship holders in the regions of Biobío and Ñuble, had 2 workshops per semester, where they discussed various topics for their growth. The first of these was the Self-esteem Workshop, held in May, with the aim of getting to know themselves and value themselves in all areas of their lives.

In June, the Communication Workshop was held, where they were able to learn corporality and language skills, approaching the development of better communicative strategies for interpersonal and academic relationships.

In August, the foundation’s scholarship holders were able to train themselves in Motivation and Will issues, in a sequence of self-knowledge, connecting with their dreams in life, using them as an engine to finish their careers and achieve the objectives that have been proposed.

Finally, in October the last workshop of the year was held, aimed at scholars who are already in the last stage of their studies. The Employability Workshop, gave them practical tools for the preparation of the CV, to prepare a good job interview, among others.

During 2018, new workshops will be held to enhance the skills of the students awarded by Fundación Metas.