Schools Program

Fundación Metas, after analyzing the context and vulnerability index of each institution interested in financing projects, will invite the establishments to present projects that aim to improve their educational community. The projects must be in line with the vision of the foundation and meet the established requirements.

To be considered, the establishments must prepare a preliminary draft that describes the social, technical and budgetary background of the project, as well as the expected results and perspectives of impact.


  • Have the recognition of the Ministry of Education of Chile.
  • Belonging to rural communes in the Biobío Region.
  • Have the ability to pay at least 10% of the total budget of the project, within which labor, materials or contributions of the establishment can be valued.
  • Have the approval of the attorneys for the realization of the presented project.
  • The project presented must solve specific needs of the educational community or contribute to an improvement of the educational quality of the students of the establishment.