For several years, Fundación Metas has been supporting schools in vulnerable sectors of the Biobío region (and now also Ñuble) to improve their conditions in which they work for their students. Since 2014, the foundation has supported participatory projects of various kinds, generating a network of collaboration with mayors, directors, teachers and students.

2017 was a very active year, as the project ended at Las Ciénagas School, in the Laja district. The previous year a thematic room for learning had been built and this year a remodeling of floors that were in poor condition was carried out.

In addition, the execution of the “Science Laboratory Equipment” project began, which will allow the students of the Liceo Isidora Aguirre Tupper, from the rural community of San Rosendo, to approach the scientific field in a space that makes possible their learning.

In the municipality of Yumbel, the project of “Implementation of a school radio” is also under development, which allows for dialogue, the exchange of ideas and the promotion of learning from the Rio Claro Liceo in said district. This initiative is part of the logic of enhancing student participation and improving their communication skills.

Lastly, in 2017, the “Implementation of a school auditorium” project was started at the Padre Pedro Campos Menchaca School in the Yumbel district. This type of project allows the creation of spaces that favor educational meetings, workshops and the expanded use of the entire school community